The Thomashefskys

Music and Memories of a Life in the Yiddish Theatre

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! Tonight we're here to tell you a story. It's the story of Boris and Bessie Thomashefsky, two kids from little shtetls in the middle of the Ukrainian nowhere who came to America and became the founders and pioneers of the American Yiddish Theater; they also happened to be my grandparents.” - MTT

“This is a story of immigration and assimilation, something to which everyone can relate.”

“Thomas and his collaborators do what Yiddish artists always meant to do. They make you forget your troubles for an evening, plunge into another world and feel your own more fully in the end.”
– San Francisco Chronicle

Boris and Bessie Thomashefsky, immigrants from the Kiev province of the Ukraine, became two of Yiddish Theater’s biggest stars, dominating center stage not only as performers but also as entrepreneurs who drew countless authors, composers, actors, musicians, producers and designers into their creative circle.

Discover the story and legacy of “The Thomashefksys”:

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